Available materials

The Hazard Library offers books, audio recordings, video recordings, video games, a nook ebook reader, Playaways and other items for use to anyone with a library card. Our library’s print collection includes general fiction, non-fiction, and a limited number of reference books for all ages. Our Local History collection includes books, pamphlets, photos, and manuscripts, and a small Quaker collection.

The collections found at the library are only the start of what you can borrow. Items from the entire Finger Lakes Library System can be reserved through the online catalog and items unavailable from any of our member libraries may be able to be borrowed from another Library System through WorldCat. These items will be delivered to our library for your use at no extra charge.

For more information on length of loans, over-due penalties and other rules please view the appropriate documents on Our Policies web page.

Computers and the Internet

You can use the library computers to explore the Internet or to just learn more about computers. Instruction on using the computer is available during regular hours or you can make an appointment. The library also has free wireless internet (WiFi) that is available for anyone that brings their own laptop or other wireless device.

What are some of the things that can be done with the library computers?

  • Use of the computerized card catalog
  • Online information retrieval sources and databases are available to assist you with research, trip planning, answers to medical questions, an atlas and …
  • Use of the Internet (explore the web, google, email, etc.)
  • Internet research, guided by a trained librarian
  • Word processing and other resident software such as spreadsheets and the preparation of resumes, term papers, research reports, newsletters, signs, posters …

The library computers have access to a scanner and color printer.

Please ask the librarian at the desk if you have any questions about the computers or use of the WiFi. Visit Our Policies web page to learn more about using the library computers or WiFi.

Other Services

As a public service we offer copying and FAX service at the library.

Our copiers will enlarge, reduce, and make fine black & white or color copies of whatever you need. We offer two sizes of paper, 8 1/2″x 11″ and 8 1/2″x 14″. There is a small charge for the use of the copy machine.

You can send or receive a FAX at the library. There is a small charge for this service.

Please ask at the library if you are interested in either copying or FAX service. The person at the desk can help you and let you know the current charges and polices.